Enjoy an active, healthy retirement: The Jackson floorplan


Retirement doesn’t have to be boring! Especially if you retire young. The River Club knows this. With its focus on a healthy, active lifestyle, many of our residents are in better shape now than when they left the “rat race”.

Attainable luxury with The Jackson

Most people don’t want to spend a fortune on a retirement home. They want to downsize, but still live comfortably. If this sounds like you, we invite you to take a close look at The Jackson. It is a 1,699 square foot home and includes a base lot. It is the perfect example of rustic elegance.

Jackson Floorplan resized

A healthy morning

Aside from its beautiful homes, The River Club has amazing amenities for its residents. If it’s nice weather, you could go for a swim in our beautiful pool. Swimming is one of the safest, best ways to build both cardio and strength.

The River Club: View of pool from inside the clubhouse

It’s a wonderful low impact workout, or is a great way to cool down after a brisk walk or run in Tennessee’s beautiful fresh clean air.

Late afternoon at The River Club

Or you can do a little yoga! If you’re interested, here is a simple yoga workout, created especially for The River Club residents, that you can do to start your morning: 5 easy yoga poses to start your morning. When you finish, take the time to relax a little in our clubhouse (it even has free wifi) and then head back to The Jackson.

clubhouse interior

Back home  . . .

The Jackson features a luxurious bathroom- the highlight is a spacious tub. Draw a bath (perhaps put in some lavender oil to calm your mind, or Epsom salts to relieve sore muscles) and soak your way to post-workout bliss.

The Jackson bathroom

After a workout, it’s best to eat within an hour. This is when your body is at its most efficient. If you want a full meal, lean protein and vegetables are the way to go. Our favorite is a steak salad: steak, greens with pecans and a little blue cheese. Delicious! Or you can make a smoothie by blending frozen fruit, yogurt and fruit juice. In the Jackson’s fully equipped kitchen you can spend hours experimenting with new recipes.

The Jackson kitchen

After your meal you can relax on the couch and plan the rest of your day. Regardless of whether you chose to work on the computer, go for a hike or take a drive and explore lovely Central Tennessee, you’re going to feel great!

The River Club Model Home: Interior

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