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With its mild weather, beautiful scenery, stunning State and National Parks and access to world class golf, fishing and other water sports, Tennessee truly has something for everyone. When you consider practicalities like the state’s low cost of living and lack of income tax, it really is the perfect place to live.

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Tennessee At a glance


Tennessee golf courses don’t disappoint. Home to ten championship golf courses, Crossville (a half an hour drive from The River Club) is known as the Golf Capital of Tennessee.


Tennessee if filled with natural wonders, including 57 State Parks, 36 campgrounds, 80+ waterfalls and spacious, family-friendly cabins with lake views and surprising amenities like on-site restaurants.

TENNESSEENational Parks

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most visited National Parks in the country, and with good reason. For a special treat, visit during the fall when the foliage is at its peak.


Tennessee has some amazing culture. There are wonderful curated galleries and exhibition places in Nashville and vibrant local art communities throughout the state. The nearby Tivoli Theatre is a gem.


Tennessee's lakes, rivers and streams are ideal for fishing, and the state stocks a number of locations with trout. Lakes, rivers and streams around The River Club provide ample opportunities for both spin and fly fishing.


Tennessee is synonymous with great music. You can visit Nashville to hear the best country music at The Grand Ole Opry. If you like the Blues, head over to Memphis and visit Beale Street. Sparta is where bluegrass originated!

TENNESSEELow cost of living

According to the World Population Review, Tennessee is the 6th cheapest state in the US. On average, it has a ranking of 88.7, where the US average is 100. This means that it is 11.3% cheaper than the US average.


Tennessee has no income tax on wages or earnings. Investment income is taxed (income from stocks, bonds and notes), but at the very low rate of 6%. Moreover, the first $1,250 earned in investment income is exempt.

Frequently Asked Questions

01What are some other fun things to do in Tennessee?

There are hundreds of great places to visit. Let’s start with Nashville where you can visit The Country Music Hall of Fame, The General Jackson Showboat and Opryland. In Memphis, there’s Graceland (former home of Elvis Presley), the Mississippi River Museum and Beale Street, famous for the blues. In Chattanooga you can see Raccoon Mountain Caverns, Ruby Falls at Lookout Mountain with its famous Incline Railway and, of course, the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Knoxville is home to a great historic district and an impressive zoo. Southeastern Tennessee offers Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Dollywood for a variety of family entertainment.

02Can you tell us a little more about hunting and fishing in Tennessee?

Hunting is a Tennessee tradition that for generations has attracted both residents and visitors to the state’s woods and waters. Tennessee abounds with excellent small game populations including rabbit, squirrel, and quail. Waterfowl include Canadian geese, duck and wild turkey. The whitetail deer is Tennessee’s number one game animal. Outstanding nearby fishing areas include Center Hill Lake, Fall Creek Falls State Park, Dale Hollow Lake, as well as the Collins, Rocky and Caney Fork Rivers, to name just a few. You’ll enjoy the challenge of catching “the big one” whether it’s large mouth bass, blue gill, channel catfish, or rainbow trout.

03Is there wildlife at The River Club?

Yes! Many of your new “friends” and “neighbors” at The River Club will have paws or hoofs, fur or feathers and some of the brightest and sharpest eyes you could ever hope to see. It really doesn’t take very long to become extremely attached to and very protective of your new friends and neighbors. Our hardwood forests are also home to red and gray fox, raccoon, squirrel, coyote and wild turkey.

03Are winters in Tennessee cold?

If you are from someplace like Chicago, with its freezing, windy winters, you are in for a delightful surprise when you come to Tennessee. The city of Crossville, which is only a half an hour from The River Club, has an average temperature of 84º in July, the hottest month of the year. The coldest month of the year in Tennessee is January, where the average temperature is still 44º.

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