Sweeten up your St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! It’s a fun holiday for many, but if you don’t like to drink (or can’t for health reasons) it’s easy to feel left out of this holiday- especially if you’re not Irish. But almost everyone likes sweets! So we combed the Internet for the richest, dreamiest, most scrumptious recipes so you can whip up something delectable this week. Enjoy!

1.Chocolate mint trifle- In many ways, trifles are the perfect desserts! They’re sweet, easy and beautiful to look at. The Andes mints add the perfect finishing touch for St. Patrick’s Day. Chocolate mint trifle recipe

2. Key lime swirl cheesecake bars- Creamy and delicious, the secret ingredient in these is lime curd! It’s swirled into the batter to create a beautiful marbled effect. Key lime swirl cheesecake bar recipe.

3. Pistachio and white chocolate cookies- These are the perfect St. Patrick’s Day color and you don’t even need food coloring! The green color comes naturally from the ingredients (or you can intensify the green with a few drops of food coloring). Pistachio and White chocolate pudding cookie recipe.

4. Chewy Irish coffee blondies- These are a chewy version of Irish coffee- what’s not to like? A very grown-up treat. Chewy Irish blondie recipe.

5. Shamrock pretzels- Sweet is delicious but when you add a little salt to the mix, the result can be downright addicting! That is exactly what has happened with these St. Patrick’s Day pretzels. Shamrock pretzel recipe.

6. Pot of gold rainbow cake- Cakes are always delicious! This one takes the sweetness to a whole other level with the sweet candy in the center.  Pot of gold rainbow cake recipe

7. Beer cupcakes with whiskey filling and Irish cream icing- People in the UK often use beer to deepen the flavor of chocolate cake. This takes it not one, but two steps further with whiskey in the filling and Irish Cream liqueur in the icing! But don’t worry, the alcohol is for the flavor- the cupcakes don’t contain nearly enough to get you drunk. Beer cupcakes with whiskey filling recipe.

8. Green ombre cake- This takes green food to a whole other level with five different shades of green! Or you could add even more. It’s really fun to make this if you’re a creative person: you get to play with food color to make the different shades. Green ombre cake recipe.

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