Our favorite Easter decorating ideas

It’s officially spring! The sun is shining, the weather is warmer and flowers are starting to bloom. Traditional Easter decorations capture this magic with flowers, bunnies and eggs- all symbols of birth and renewal. We have combed the web to find ideas that will take your Easter decorating to a whole other level. They will brighten your home and bring the freshness and vibrancy of spring indoors.

1.Giant origami bunnies- Think how much fun these will me to make with your grandchildren! Click here for how-to.

2. Hanging Easter Posies- The key here is using really pretty ribbons and multi-colored flowers. Click here for how-to.

3. Peeps bunny place card holders- We finally found a use for those adorable but, honestly, not great tasting Peeps. Click here for how-to.

4. Make a succulent wreath- We are in love with this wreath decorated with moss and succulents. Click here for how-to.

5. Add citrus to your centerpiece- Slicing lemons, oranges and even ruby grapefruit and adding them to your centerpiece lends a vivid splash of color and a bright, fresh fragrance to the air. Click here for how-to.

6. Chocolate filled eggs- We like to make these and sneak a few in with regular hard boiled eggs. Such a happy surprise for people! Click here for how-to.

7. Fresh flower covered basket- You can use this as a centerpiece, or as the most stylish accessory for your next Easter egg hunt. Or both! Click here for how-to.

8. Easter egg tree- This is a tradition that comes from Europe. They are commonplace in countries like The Netherlands but here in the US they are still a little special. So why not invest a small amount of time and wow your guests with something both beautiful and unique? Click here for how-to.

9. Easter egg piñatas- For once you won’t have to worry about breaking eggs! These are just too cute- and they provide a great conversation starter at an adult party. Click here for how-to.

10. Take it outside- What’s the best way to enjoy spring blooms? Bring your party outdoors! If you have a flowering tree in bloom, bring your table and chairs under it and dine under an umbrella of real flowers- fresh and fragrant.

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