New trend: Easter lights!

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we here at The River Club love decorating- especially when it comes to the holidays. We thought we had come up with this brand new idea outselves, but we recently discovered there are a few people starting to use Easter lights- WalMart even sells them now. So we searched the web to find our favorite ideas, and even came up with a few of our own!

Forsythia lights

My earliest memories of spring are of my grandma’s brilliant yellow forsythia blooming in her garden. The bright yellow flowers were a striking contrast to the greyness of winter. Now you can buy them in miniature lights and use them to decorate your stairway, or other indoor space. You can buy them online here (although The River Club has never done business with this merchant and does not vouch for them).


Lights in old fashioned jars

Putting strings of battery operated lights in Mason jars has been done many times before. What we haven’t seen is putting them in beautiful, vintage looking jars. We think that, combined with the beautiful pastel colored lights, makes this the perfect Easter decoration. You can use them as a centerpiece, put them on the mantle or coffee table.



Tulle wrapped electronic candles

These are really easy. Go to the fabric store and buy pastel colored tulle, and matching ribbons. Cut the tulle in squares, wrap around small electronic tea lights (you can buy them at Pier One or a similar store) and tie with a ribbon. Scatter around your coffee table, side tables, or anywhere you want to add a special touch.



Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt

You can do this for kids, but it would be so much more fun at an adult garden party. Take plastic Easter eggs, and fill with flameless tea lights. Scatter them in your lawn and let the fun begin! You can also include tiny little trinkets or gifts inside the eggs. Alternatively, you can scatter them around your house as Easter decorations.


Glowing botanical centerpiece

This photo has branches from a regular tree, but to really make it beautiful we recommend using branches from a flowering tree such as a dogwood, redbud or a magnolia. String it through with tiny pastel colored lights to make a fresh, beautiful centerpiece for your Easter table.


Illuminated door decoration

Take a regular Easter door decoration (we like this bunny but you could use an Easter wreath, or anything else) and light it up! Use battery operated, pastel lights for a stunning effect that all of your neighbors will imitate next year.


String lights over your pool

In you live in a place that is warm enough to have your pool open, we love the idea of stringing lights above it. They reflections in the pool are simply magical.

Light up your whole house

It’s a new trend, but one that we think is worth promoting. String lights on your home, just like you do for Christmas. But instead of using red and green lights, choose white or pastel colored. Simply gorgeous!

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