Little touches to take your Easter brunch from ordinary to extraordinary

Nothing says Easter quite like a beautiful, elegant brunch. The trick to throwing a beautiful brunch, or any party, is to focus on a few details and make them extra special. If you choose those with the biggest “bang for the buck,” you can streamline the rest of it and no one will notice. Here are some ideas that can turn your brunch from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Add a dress code- Nothing puts people in a more festive frame of mind than dressing for a party. Ask your guests to wear an Easter Bonnet, a beautiful dress, or even pin a flower to their blouse or lapel.

2. Add some bling to your Easter eggs- Instead of using normal dyes, try adding gold leaf or glitter to add a sparkle to your eggs that will brighten up your whole party. For some really beautiful ideas, read our Beautiful Easter Egg Decorating Ideas post.

3. Invest in an Easter themed accessory- We love this beautiful egg plate from Crate & Barrel to display your eggs. At $15, it’s priced very reasonably and can be used year after year. There are also beautiful Easter plates, glasses and tablecloths that can turn your table, buffet or mantle from average to magnificent.

4. Make your centerpiece dramatic- A dramatic centerpiece is the focal point of the table. Your guests will likely spend the majority of their time staring at it, thus it is the thing they are likely to remember the most (except the sparkling conversation). So make it something special! Here is a link to Our favorite Easter egg flower arrangements.

5. Create a signature cocktail- At any party, we like to serve sparkling water, wine, beer and then create one amazing cocktail that people will remember. Since your brunch will be during the day, we recommend keeping it light. Our current favorite: Grown up pink lemonade.

6. Serve a bunny butt cake- People LOVE bunny butt cakes! They’re a funny, cute, sweet end to every party and guarantee everyone will remember your party.

Keep in mind- you don’t have to do all of these to make your Easter brunch something to remember. Just one or two will make your party special and perfect.

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