Elegant Halloween decorating ideas for your home

Would you like to decorate for Halloween but not sure how to keep it tasteful? Read this to see elegant Halloween decorating ideas for your home.

What makes Halloween decorating ideas elegant?

In short, things should be simple and uniform. It’s ok to incorporate items that are a little different, but make them the exception, rather than the rule. This will not only make your special little touches “pop,” but will keep it from looking like you have gone completely overboard (which is NEVER elegant!).

Another key thing to think about is the interior design concept of layering. You can add detail and unique touches, for example decorating with Halloween tablecloths, adding lights and flowers, but make sure each of these is simple enough, and has a consistent enough color palette, to ensure that the finished ensemble looks well integrated. Keep reading to also learn how you can use layering to “re-purpose” your Halloween decorating ideas into other holiday decorations.

1– Decide on tasteful colors

We recommend using predominately neutrals. They will provide the ideal backdrop to your other creative touches.  If you want to add a splash of color, we recommend you choose just one vivid color: bright orange or crimson are the obvious choices.

Black can also be a very dramatic, and still elegant, background color. Nothing says Halloween like painting a wall the color of a black cat!

Halloween decorating ideas
Black is a highly dramatic background color and you can layer any color on top of it.


2– Keep your color scheme uniform

Nothing looks more garish than an inconsistent color scheme. For example, adding bright blue and fuschia to an otherwise autumnal color scheme just isn’t going to work.

If you keep within the same color palette, you can layer many different elements on top of each other and it will still look elegant. PHOTO CREDIT: Pottery Barn


3–Incorporate natural elements

Halloween has its roots in the ancient harvest festival of Samhain. This is why so many elements from nature are often incorporated into Halloween decorations. Following this trend lends a timelessness to your Halloween decorations, which is always elegant.

Halloween decorating ideas
You can even use elements from nature as inspiration for a neutral color palette.

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4– Use a little candlelight to make your elegant Halloween decorating ideas a little spooky

Halloween conjures up images of dark nights and mysterious things. You can enhance this effect by turning down the lights and using candles instead.

elegant Halloween decorating ideas
Without the candles, this tableau would simply look like a couple pumpkins sitting on some old twigs. The candles take it to a whole other level.


5– Use festive, seasonal versions of everyday items

Little touches like a Halloween tablecloth, fall leaf napkin rings, or even black cat bath towels are an easy way for someone that knows nothing about decorating to add festive touches.

These vintage paper napkins from The Oriental Trading Company are cool and creepy, plus the top hat adds the perfect touch of elegance.


6– Use tiny white lights

Tiny white lights make everything look festive and add a touch of light to some of the longest nights of the year. Bonus: if layered correctly, you can easily turn your Halloween decorations into Thanksgiving, Christmas or Chanukah decorations.

elegant Halloween decorating ideas
Tiny white lights strung around, or behind, some small pumpkins make a very elegant Halloween decoration that can easily slide into Thanksgiving.

7– Exploit your existing decor

Do you have a chandelier? Maybe a black, or even orange wall? Use existing decorating installations to provide the backdrop to your Halloween decorating ideas.

If you have a chandelier, you can even hang small bats or flying witches from it to make an elegant, playful Halloween decoration.


8– A little glitter goes a long way

Again, this is where we want to employ the “less is more” theory when it comes to creating elegant decorations. A lot of glitter looks like a kindergarten art project gone awry. A little glitter, such as in these glitter pumpkins from Pottery Barn, can make items look elegant and festive. And the shape of the stems on these particular decorations makes them look a little creepy!

Halloween decorating ideas
Photo Credit: Pottery Barn


9– Don’t forget the sensory experience

Since Halloween is historically a harvest festival, including warm smells of things cooking, like hot cider, mulled wine or Halloween sweets, adds an additional dimension to your Halloween decorations.

Spread some black and orange icing on these sugar cookies and you have a Halloween decoration that engages three different senses.


10– Layer your Halloween decorating ideas so you can easily convert them into other holiday decorations

If you use a neutral color scheme, add festive lighting and natural touches first, you can use your Halloween decorations as a jumping point for the rest of your holiday decorations. For example, look at the photo below. You could replace the pine sprig with a black cat or Day of the Dead skull for Halloween, replace it with some corn over Thanksgiving, then return the pine branch (or even sprig of holly or mistletoe) for Christmas, and you have three months of decorating sorted out.

The key to elegant decorating is great layering.


If you notice the above photos, many of them have interesting, creative lighting ideas. This is very important for Halloween decorating, and any fall/winter decorating. Playing with different lighting ideas can add an instant touch of elegant glamor to your holiday decorating. Also remember to:

  • Keep your color palette simple, using pops of color
  • Incorporate nature into your decorations
  • Leverage your existing decor
  • Use layers to keep things elegant, plus “re-purpose” up to 90% if your decor into Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chanukah decorations.
Pay attention to your lighting to make the perfect elegant, yet spooky, Halloween decor.


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