5 Fun pool party ideas

Summer is here and we can’t think of a better way to both have fun, and cool off, than have a pool party. Here are 5 fun pool party ideas to make your party fun, unique and memorable.


1- Float Party

pool party ideas

For whatever reason, Summer 2021 appear s to be the year of the crazy pool floats. Unicorn floats are everywhere! We have also seen peacocks, flamingos, swans and even llamas. It seems everyone wants to have a float featured in their Instagram feeds and stories. If you put photos of fun floats in your invitations, we are pretty sure everyone will want to come to your party. Aside from being highly Instagrammable, float parties are also a lot of fun. You can set up a bar by the pool and people can paddle over, grab a drink and socialize while floating away the afternoon. Here is a great round-up of floats you can buy online: 37 Fun Pool Floats.


We recommend designating a photographer to take photos of people on the floats- it can require a lot more core strength that you realize to get that perfect Instagram snap. Falling off is just part of the fun.


What to serve at your Float Party


pool party ideas


You can pair the fun floats with another hot 2021 summer trend: Homemade Popsicles. Again, they are trending on Instagram feeds this summer. They look very beautiful if you get a selection of flavors and colors and display them together. You can also easily make your own with fresh fruit and a little sugar and lemon juice. Or, you can try this really creative recipe: Blackberry-Rose Ice Pops.


2- Mermaid Party

This sounds like an idea for little girls, but you would be surprised how many adults are seriously into “Mermaiding.” Throwing a Mermaid Party is a great way to add a little whimsy into 2021. And we all need a little fun after 2020! We are told it’s also a great workout.


Dress code


Mermaid tails, of course!  You can get them online. The men can dress as pirates if they are not into the idea of dressing like a merman.


pool party ideas
Mermaid tails are definitely a thing!


Mermaid School


Like taking selfies on unicorn floats, swimming with a mermaid tail is a lot harder than it looks. You might want to enlist the help of a professional mermaid to give everyone a mermaid lesson. Are you wondering where on earth you will find a professional mermaid in Tennessee? It’s a lot easier than you think. Aqua Mermaid (Disclaimer: we have no affiliation with this organization) in Memphis offers mermaids and mermen for pool parties.


What to serve at your Mermaid Party


This is an easy one: sushi! What else would mermaids eat? You can order a tray of it from your favorite sushi restaurant, or even grocery store. Fresh fruit and smoothies pair perfectly with the sushi for a hot summer afternoon lunch.


3- Sunset Party

On really hot days, people might not be that into hanging out in the sun all day- even if they are by the pool. A sunset party is an excellent compromise. You can start around happy hour and serve some cocktails to get your guests in the mood. Everyone can watch the sunset poolside while munching on snacks and appetizers. Once the sun sets, you can gather around a fire pit, chat or simply fire gaze.


This is the fire pit at The River Club. We think it’s so beautiful at sunset.

What to serve for drinks


Tequila Sunrises, of course!



How to create a sunset ambiance


Having great music playing in the background can create a resort vibe at your sunset pool party. There are great playlists available on music streaming services like Spotify, or you can create your own. Smooth jazz or soft lounge music create the feeling that everyone is on vacation at a fancy place.


4- Throw a Luau


This is another amazing way to have a pool party that makes everyone feel like they are on vacation in an exotic locale. Destination: Hawaii! An authentic luau always features a big meal. Traditionally, it revolves around a roast pig, fish, bananas and sweet potatoes. However, the sky is the limit if you are doing a modern interpretation. You can be trendy and serve salmon poke, or do a modern take on a traditional luau and serve pork chops with rice and sweet potato fries. Feel like grilling? Try one of our favorite summer grilling recipes.


The real star at a traditional luau is the entertainment. Traditionally, there is a hula show, fire jugglers and even live ukelele music. You can take it easy and just play some Hawaiian music in the background, or you could hire someone to come give your guests a hula lesson. If you want to be fun and creative, you could bring out some hula hoops and let everyone have some fun! In our experience, there is always one guest at a party that is a secret hula hoop genius and is pleased to teach others.


Dress code


Grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts. A fun idea is to go to a store like Party City and buy grass skirts and leis to give to your guests when they arrive.


How to decorate


Luaus are very iconic so it’s pretty easy to make it look like you are on a Polynesian island. A few tiki torches, orchids on the table tops and little white lights strung from the trees is all you need to create a very festive atmosphere.



What to serve for drinks


Think beer and umbrella drinks. Mai Tais are perfect and most people like them. Or you could serve piña coladas or Blue Hawaiians.



5- Glow Stick Pool Party


PHOTO CREDIT: Spaceships & Laser beams


This is another of our pool party ideas that is perfect for the hottest months of summer. Because there are glow sticks involved, you should have them at night, when it is cooler and dark. We think the ideal time to start them is at twilight- the time when fireflies come out. You can give everyone glow sticks and necklaces  when they arrive so they can get into the festive atmosphere. A beautiful surprise for everyone is to fill the bottom of the pool with glow sticks for a magical effect (you will likely need to weight them to get them to sink).


Glow stick fun


If your guests want to swim, and like a little challenge, you can even challenge them to dive and pick up the glow sticks. There are many variations on how to do this. You can see who can pick up the most in one dive, or even scatter them around the lawn and do an Easter Egg style hunt.


How to decorate


Black lights make the glow sticks really pop. You can add accents with glow in the dark sidewalk chalk and hang glow sticks from trees, to make florescent chandeliers.


Dress code


All white clothes, and florescent clothes like lime green and electric pink stand out the most under black lights. Having a white party also adds an element of glamor and makes people feel like they are at a celebrity party or in a stylish location.


Have you seen the beautiful pool and clubhouse at The River Club? It is the perfect place to try out one of (or all!) of these amazing pool party ideas. GET IN TOUCH WITH US TODAY if you want to learn more.





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