11 Ways to make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day

Do you want to up your game this Mother’s Day? If so, here are eleven ways to really make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day. The good news is that most of them don’t cost much money at all- much less than flowers or brunch at a fancy restaurant. Because love is the best thing in the world and it is also free!


Write her a love letter


People think about writing love letters to their boyfriends, girlfriends and even spouses, but no one ever writes them to the person that brought them into this world and loves them unconditionally. This year, why don’t you make your mom feel extra special and write her a love letter? We guarantee you she will treasure it forever.


Love the idea but don’t know what to write? Instead, you can make a list of all the things you appreciate her for, your favorite things about her or even your favorite moments together. She’s your mom, so as long as you put some thought into it, you can’t really go wrong.


To make it look really beautiful, you can go to a stationery store like Papyrus and buy a pretty piece of paper and envelope to write it on.





Bake her a batch of fortune cookies with tiny love notes inside


Does writing her a love letter seem a little, well, over the top? Not everyone is great at expressing their feelings, or even likes to do so. If this sounds familiar, you can show her you care by baking her a batch of fortune cookies. Even if each note just says, “I love you, Mom,” she will still think of you and smile every time she opens one.


If you want something more original than the traditional vanilla fortune cookies, don’t worry. There are many different variations. Here is a website with fortune cookie recipes and a fortune cookie shop with many different ideas to inspire you: Fancy Fortune Cookies


To make your fortune cookies look really beautiful you can use icing and cake decorating supplies, like colored sugar and sprinkles, to decorate them.


Make her a playlist


Music hits at emotions in a way that words don’t. It can also be easier for many people to express their emotions through music, rather than words. Or perhaps your mom just really loves music. Regardless, making her a playlist that she can play over and over will definitely make your mom feel special not just on Mother’s Day, but every day of the year.


You can go a couple of different ways with this idea. You can make a playlist of her favorite songs. Or, you can make a playlist so the two of you can walk down memory lane together. Songs from the past can help stir powerful emotions and transport us back in time. Think back to songs that make the soundtrack to your relationship with your mom. Perhaps there was a song you played on family road trips? Maybe there is a song you used to play when you would clean the house together, or she sang to you when you were sad? If you put all these into a playlist and give it to your mom on Mother’s Day, she will have something to treasure forever.


Start a new tradition


Why not start a new tradition this year of something fun you and your mom can always do together for Mother’s Day, even if it’s as simple as going to the park and taking a long walk together.


We recommend making it something she enjoys. So often, moms love their kids so much that they ignore their own needs, or put those needs on the back burner, just to see their kids smile. Give it a little thought, and you will probably come up with lots of things your mom loves that she never does.


11 ways to make your mom feel special


Make sure to tell her that you want to make it a special tradition that just the two of you do together (or your siblings, if you feel like sharing) each year. Not only will you create beautiful memories, but BONUS:  you don’t have to think of new Mother’s Day ideas ever again.


Help her with a regular task


Does your mom like to garden? Or maybe she actually really enjoys cooking. Whatever it is, she will probably enjoy it a lot more if you do it together. Since it’s Mother’s Day, try and make it a little special. An idea we think she will love is to bring her a cupcake and make her a fancy cup of tea to share after your task. That will give the two of you some special time to just sit and talk.


Accompany her when she tries something new


Has your mom always wanted to try something, but never had the time to do it? Or maybe there is something she wants to do that she doesn’t want to do alone? Regardless, she is bound to give it a try if you go with her. It could be anything from trying a yoga class, driving a race car, attending the opera or going skydiving. Whatever it is, arrange for the both of you to try it together. Not only will she be extremely appreciative, but you will create a memory that the two of you can always look back upon fondly.


Make her a scrapbook


If you are crafty, this is the perfect gift for your mom this year (or any year). Scrapbooks serve as a nostalgic link to the past and some of our best memories.


The best part of making a scrapbook is that there are no rules; they can hold everything from an old Valentine you made your mom when you were in the first grade, to ticket stubs to the recipe for that carrot cake you made together when you were little. All you need to purchase is the actual scrapbook itself, which can be done at Michael’s, or even Target’s online shop, for easily under $20.


Because scrapbooking is so popular, even if you have never done it before there is a multitude of online resources to help you.



Plan a trip together


When was the last time the two of your spent more than a couple hours together? Or even a day? Plan some real quality time together by taking a trip together. It doesn’t have to be far- you could plan a stay-cation at a local bed and breakfast. Or an overnight spa retreat so the two of you can spend the morning or afternoon getting pampered, walking in nature or just laying in bed and watching movies.


You can also invite your siblings to make the party even better, and help defray the costs.




Make her a video


She will particularly treasure this idea if you live far away and she is not very good at video calls. Although many families regularly Zoom or Facetime together, some people of the older generation just don’t get the video call idea. If this sounds like your mom, why not make her a video of yourself and send it to her? It can be anything, but the simpler ideas are often the best. If you just smile, tell her you love her to the moon and back and why, she can play it over and over again whenever she misses you (which is probably a lot more than you realize).


TIP: You will probably be tempted to add your kids to the video. This is a great idea, but if they always figure in your time together, she might really enjoy something with just you.


Hire a photographer to take a professional portrait of you


We are sure your mom would love a professional portrait of you. She will not only have it to treasure, but she can show it to all her friends. Nowadays, many photographers are also videographers so you could hire them to make a video instead. Or both!


Just call her


For many people, this has been a long and stressful two years.  If you don’t have the time or energy to do something special this year, just pick up the phone and call her. Even if you are angry with her or in a quarrel, you can always call a truce this one day of the year. Someday you will be glad you did it.





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