Spring cleaning made simple

Do you like to do spring cleaning, but simply don’t have the time this year to devote to it? Or perhaps you always wanted to do spring cleaning but can never find the motivation. If so, here are some simple tricks to get your house clean and organized with minimal time and effort.

1.Purge- Is your home filled with clutter? One of the easiest ways to clean it is to simply throw things away! Start with your clothes- if you haven’t worn it in the past year, it’s time to donate it to charity or throw it away. When you finish with your clothes, move on to old magazines and newspapers. Then go to your kitchen cabinets and toss old takeaway containers, spent Tupperware and any plastic dishes/cups that have passed their prime.

2.Tackle the papers- Do you have stacks of disorganized bills or receipts? Start by going through your bills and seeing which ones you can receive electronically. It takes a little time now but will cut down on future paperwork. You can also take photos of important documents and store them electronically.

3.Clean out the trash cans- This simple thing can make a world of difference. Take them all outside, put some liquid dishwashing detergent in them and hose them down. This keeps your house smelling fresh and really makes your home feel cleaner.

4.Use newspaper to clean mirrors- This is the best way to have clean, streak-free mirrors. Spray them with glass cleaner, then wipe off with old newspapers.

5.Clean the walls- Scruffy walls can make your whole house seem dingy. To clean them quickly, make a bucket of warm, soapy water (we like Pine-Sol because it smells so good). Soak a washcloth in the substance and put it on the end of a Swiffer. Use it to quickly clean even the hardest-to-reach surfaces. When the walls dry, you can remove anything that didn’t get clean with a Magic Eraser.

6.Clean your baseboards- This is another thing that makes a big difference. You can use a dryer sheet to clean them. They not only pick up dirt, but they repel it, keeping your baseboards cleaner in the future.

Do you have any spring cleaning hacks of your own? If so we’d love to hear them- simply comment on this blog to share them with us.



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