Our 10 favorite Valentine’s Day craft ideas

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Since many parts of the US are under a blanket of snow right now, or forecast to receive more of it today or tomorrow, what better way to spend time at home than making Valentine’s Day crafts? Not only are they a perfect way to express your love and affection for those around you, but the bright red and pink cheer everyone up. However, some craft ideas on the web are time consuming and can often look a little tacky. So we’ve combed the Internet to find ideas that turnout beautifully and are relatively easy. Here are our 10 top picks. Choose your favorite(s), make a cup of hot chocolate (or pour yourself a glass of Champagne), grab some marshmallows or strawberries and have a lovely afternoon crafting!

1.Heart garlands

Here is a link with directions on how to make eight different kinds of heart garlands (the above is our favorite): Heart garlands 

2.Lace Print Stationery

Instead of making your beloved a Valentine, why not make this stationery and write them a beautiful love letter instead? Not only beautiful but they will deeply appreciate your effort. How to make Lace Stationery

3.Heart Crayons

This idea is so easy you don’t even need directions, just the above pictorial (found on Pinterest, pinned by Alex Holmes / via Built By Kids). We love the idea of putting a number of them in a box, tying with a beautiful red ribbon and giving to your favorite kids or kids at heart.

5.Heart bookmarks

Again, these are super easy! Just go to the hardware store, grab some pink or red paint chips, punch with a heart shaped hole punch (available at a craft store like Michael’s) and put a ribbon through the top. Found on Pinterest (pinned by Rebecca Morgan Balster / via Teaching My Friends).

6.Lace votive holders

Again Martha Stewart taking things to a whole other level! Here’s how to make Lace Votive Holders

7.Coupons for your Valentine

What better way to show your love and affection than offer a personal service? Here are some templates (they have ones for both kids and adults) you can download, along with directions on how to make them.

8.Heart photo booth

This can be used just for decoration, or as a place to take a Valentine’s selfie or photo of your loved ones. Use construction paper to create paper hearts and then fix them to the wall with a glue stick (easily removed). Found on Pinterest (pinned by jensully).

9. Give yourself a Valentine’s Day manicure

There are a lot of ideas out there but here is a slideshow of our favorites.

10.Throw a Valentine’s Day crafting party

Do you get frustrated crafting? Or perhaps lack motivation? Then craft with friends! Here’s how to throw an amazing Valentine’s Day crafting party.

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