Halloween Craft Ideas for Adults

Even if you don’t have kids you can still do some great Halloween crafting. Or maybe you do have kids, but don’t want to have to clean up a giant mess after crafting? Whichever it is, indulge yourself and get in the spooky spirit with these Halloween craft ideas for adults.


Pumpkin Fun


We all know that carving pumpkins is pretty hard work. This year, instead of hauling out the knives and making a big mess, and facing a high risk of failure, why not bring out the craft supplies and make some really interesting creations?


Fern Covered Pumpkins


These aren’t scary, but they really are pretty. They also have the advantage that you can use them past Halloween for Thanksgiving decorations. Plus, they are super easy to make- you just need fern leaves and some glue.


To make them, simply clip an assortment of fern fronds. Coat the backs of the fronds with adhesive spray, then attach to white or light-colored pumpkins.



Idea- Add a little bling!


If you want to add a beautiful touch, you can coat the stems in silver or gold glitter. Keep reading to learn how to cover a pumpkin with glitter …


Black Matte Pumpkin


There is something spooky about the way that black matte paint absorbs the light. Painting pumpkins with black matte spray paint is easy and makes a very dramatic decoration. If you use artificial pumpkins, you can keep these decorations and use them year after year.




Halloween craft ideas for adults



Glitter Pumpkins


You have probably seen glitter pumpkins before, but they are so fun and beautiful that we have to include them. You can do it many ways: cover the entire pumpkin in glitter, use the glitter to write words or draw shapes on the face of the pumpkins. If you really want to go over the the top, you can carve a Jack-o-Lantern and then cover that in glitter!


All you need is a pumpkin, glitter, a brush and Elmer’s glue. Paint the pumpkin with Elmer’s glue. If you are doing the whole pumpkin, it’s easier to do a half or quarter of the pumpkin at a time as the glue dries quickly. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle the glitter over it.


If you cover an entire Jack-o-Lantern, it looks especially beautiful at night when you light it with a candle. The glitter captures the light and really sparkles up your evening.


Halloween craft ideas for adults


Do you want to throw a pumpkin carving party? Learn how here: 13 Tips for throwing a fantastic pumpkin carving party


Petrified Portraits

Photo walls are very on trend right now, and with good reason. It can be tricky to display a few images next to each other, but putting a bunch of similarly themed images together provides an interesting conversation starter with visual interest. If you are entertaining this Halloween, you can create a photo wall to surprise your guests with a spooky creatures. Print out  clip art of bugs, bats, cats and skeletons, etc. onto card stock, then cut them out with scissors or a craft knife and display in shadow box frames.


halloween craft ideas for adults
PHOTO CREDIT: Good Housekeeping


Taxidermy Boxes Photo Wall


This takes the scary portrait wall concept to a whole other level. There is something inherently eerie about taxidermy. Even when it isn’t Halloween, boxes of dead bugs and such can be creepy. To create a taxidermy photo wall, buy some shadowbox frames (Bed, Bath & Beyond  and Target usually have reasonably priced ones) and fill them with whatever Halloween toys you can find — rats, spiders, bats — to create a spooky scene.




Potion Bottles


Witches are the denizens of Halloween and aside from their brooms and black cats, potions are their signature. You can easily create bottles that look like they contain deadly potions with a little water, food color, old bottles and jars. Simply add a little food coloring to the water, put into the bottles and print up some labels. You can find some great printable label templates here that are free to download: PNG Kit


Halloween craft ideas for adults
Photo Credit: Tkkido



Party Idea!

If you are having an adult Halloween party, you can make some cocktails and serve them in your potion bottles. Try this recipe: Witches’ Brew


Eyeball Ice Cubes

While we are talking about drinks, here is a way to really freak out your guests! No one wants to find something unexpected in their drink- especially an eyeball. We recommend either putting them in Bloody Marys, or using them to garnish Halloween martinis.


To make them, you will need some radishes and green olives stuffed with pimentos. Cut off the stem and root ends off each radish. Then use a paring knife to scrape off strips of red skin off each radish. Leave red stripes to give the radish a veined eye appearance. Next, carve out a hole into the end of each radish large enough for the 1/2 of an olive. Cut the olives in half and place a half of an olive, cut side out, into the hole of the radish. Then place them on a tray so the eyeballs stand up. Put them in the freezer. After the eyeballs are frozen, you can store them in a Ziploc bag in your freezer until ready to use.


CREDIT: My Turn for Us



Creepy Crawly Soaps


This is another great way to spook your guests! Or, you can give them as Halloween gifts to your friends and family. They are easy to make- you just need soap molds, extra-clear soap base and some plastic bug toys.


To make them, melt the soap base in a large pot on the stove until it reaches 140°F (you can use a candy thermometer to track the temperature). Place one plastic bug belly-up into each soap mold. Slowly pour the melted soap into the molds until it reaches the very top. Wait for bubbles to rise, then use a knife to scrape them off. Let the molds sit on a flat surface overnight. Remove the soaps and place on the bathroom sink to scare your family members and guests, or wrap in Halloween wrapping paper to give to your friends and colleagues. Because who doesn’t want a bug soap?


CREDIT: Country Living



Spider Place Mats


These are one of our favorite Halloween craft ideas for adults. They are easy, can be either elegant or scary and are perfect for a grown up, sit down menu. All you need to make them is puffy paint and parchment paper. If you’ve never heard of it, puffy paint looks like acrylic craft paint when squirted out of its bottle, but it expands and puffs up as it dries. Puffy paint bottles, which have a narrow tip, are designed to create thin lines so you can write words or draw outlines with ease. It is available in craft stores or online.


To make them, just make a web shape onto a piece of parchment paper with the puff paint, then let it set overnight. In the morning, you can peel the paper off the back. Place underneath a clear plate to show off the design.


CREDIT: Good Housekeeping

Halloween Candy Wreath


If you love Halloween more for the candy than they scary stuff, this Halloween craft idea for adults is for you. You can simply hang it in your home, use for party favors in your Halloween party or let the trick-or-treaters grab a couple pieces on their way out.


To make it, buy an assortment of old-fashioned candies in fall shades such as yellow, orange and magenta. Wrap a 14-inch foam wreath form in white ribbon. Attach candy with hot-glue, layering and overlapping as you go. Finish with a burlap bow in a color that matches your candies.


Halloween craft ideas for adults


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