Delicious (and sometimes spooky) Halloween desserts

Even though you’re too old to go Trick or Treating, you can still indulge in some delicious Halloween sweets this year. Here are some of our favorite recipes that are not only delicious, but also fit with the spooky theme of the holiday.

1.Red velvet cupcakes- These are always amazing. However, some of us here at The River Club have always found the red inside to remind them a bit of blood. Creepy other days of the year, but perfect for Halloween! Click here for our favorite recipe: Nigella’s red velvet cupcake recipe.


2. Carmel corn- Caramel apples are a traditional autumn treat. But why stop there? Caramel corn lacks the healthiness of the apple but, well, this is Halloween so let’s make it as sweet as possible. Homemade caramel corn is yummy you’ll end up wanting to eat the whole batch. Click here for our favorite recipe: Once upon a chef caramel corn.


3. Spooky brownies and cookies- You can never go wrong with a brownie. To make them special for Halloween, take pieces of lace and place over the brownies. Sift powdered sugar over them. Carefully lift off the lace. So easy. For these creepy cookies, frost sugar cookies with white royal icing. Allow to set overnight. Then, put a small amount of black gel paste (like you use for decorating cakes) in a shallow dish, and lay two stacked paper towels over the paste. Press a skull and crossbones stamp (or whatever stamp you want to use) on the paper towels, then onto one iced cookie. Repeat for the entire batch.


4. Witches brew- Feeling a bit naughty? Try some of this special sweet witches brew. Just remember: stay off your broomstick if you’re going to have more than a little sip. Click here for witches brew recipe.


5. Snake cake- The beauty of this is you can make any kind of cake you want. Just make sure to ice it with white icing. Then, print out this snake template.  Place the template beneath a piece of parchment and trace the snake design. Cut the parchment along the lines to make the template. Place over the cake, then shake black cake decorating sprinkles over the parchment. Carefully lift off and you have this sinisterly delicious cake.


6. Bacon pumpkin pie- Why is this a Halloween dessert? Well because putting bacon on a pie just sounds creepy to us! But it’s actually amazing. Click here for John’s bacon pumpkin pie recipe.


7. Candy vanilla shake- Make a vanilla shake (if you’re feeling decadent you can add a splash or two of cherry flavored vodka). Crumble an Oreo and put on top. Cover in candy corns, gummy worms and whatever Halloween candy you can find.


8. Meringue bones- We love these. Plus they are a lot easier to make than they initially appear. You can also pile them on top of a white or black cake to double the sweetness. Click here for meringue bone recipe.


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