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Our favorite Thanksgiving decorating ideas

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. It’s a day to focus on what’s truly important in life: family, friends and being thankful for all that you have been given in this lifetime. If you’re hosting friends and family this week, here are some wonderful decorating ideas:

Acorn candles

Collect acorns, remove the caps and turn them into tiny candles. Click here for directions: how to make acorn candles. When you finish, you can use them to decorate place settings. Take small wood boxes and glue pieces of sandpaper to the side (people can use this to strike matches to light their candles). Fill the boxes with a few candles and matches. You can personalize the box with a stamp and a handwritten note.


Corn filled hurricane vases

Take a large vase (Pottery Barn always has a great selection) and place a large candle inside. Fill the area around the candle with popcorn (unpopped or popped- your choice). Tie a rafia ribbon around it (you can purchase one at Michael’s or similar craft store) and you have a lovely centerpiece for your table or buffet. Just be careful not to leave this unattended when the candle is lit, especially if you use popped corn.

314585d9efdc1c69adca2c0db4b10f99PINHerb trimmed place cards

We love the use of fresh herbs to decorate a Thanksgiving table. They perfectly combine the ideas of food and harvest, plus they add a warm fragrance to the air. You can use thyme, lavender, bay leaves or as they have done here: rosemary sprigs.

6a7cf641a50471b0bc5540b23012903bPINThankful lists

A lovely addition to every place setting is to add a sheet where your guests can write the things that they are thankful for. Use this printable one or make your own. Include a pencil so they can fill it out at the table. A lovely tradition is, before the meal, to have everyone read their list out loud.


Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year and looking for other ways to inspire your guests (or even yourself) to express gratitude? If so, we invite you to read Ways to express gratitude this Thanksgiving.

Gold leaves

Go outside and collect some beautiful leaves (since it’s fall you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them!). Spray them with gold spray paint. Let them dry completely then write your guests’ name on them with a marker. If you really want to get fancy, you can collect and paint a few extra leaves. After the paint dries, cover them with Elmer’s glue then sprinkle with glitter. Scatter those around the table to add a little fall bling to your feast.

x73PINfall-glitter-leavesPINThankful leaves entrance decoration

Cut out leaves from different colored construction paper. Click here for a leaf template. Place them, a couple pens and thumbtacks by a bulletin board and invite your guests to fill out a leaf when they arrive.




Pumpkin ice bucket

Cut a hole in the top of a pumpkin, clean out the inside and fill with ice to make a festive and practical decoration. You can roast the pumpkin seeds and serve them in a small dish for a delicious and healthy appetizer- they pair really well with wine or sparkling cider.


x88PINGo crazy with flowers

Instead of one big arrangement, get a bunch of vases of different heights and fill with simple blossoms. For a special touch, add a flower to everyone’s place setting.


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