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10 Reasons you should chose an active 55+ community


  1. You can meet like-minded people. Most Americans spend their lives looking forward to retirement, but the truth is many find it challenging. It can be hard to stay at home when all your friends are at work. Or worse, we’re in an age when many marriages don’t last so madly retirees can find their days feeling lonely and even useless. If you move to an active retirement community, you’ll be surrounded by others that have time to pursue hobbies or just hang out and have a coffee. If you’re single, it can be a great way to meet someone new.
  2. You have easy access to a wide range of recreational activities. Active 55+ communities are designed for just that- to keep you active! Many have pools, fitness centers, hiking trails, easy access to amazing golf and much, much more.
  3. You can enjoy nice weather. Most active retirement communities are purpose built in states with great climates. Not too hot in summer and, most importantly, not too cold in the winter. If you’ve spent the majority of your life in a climate with cold winters or lots of rain, you can’t fathom how great you’ll feel living in a sunny place. You can choose between a place that’s almost always warm like Florida, or a place with mild seasons like Tennessee.
  4. You will likely pay less money in taxes. The developers of active retirement communities understand that when people retire, they usually have a fixed income stream. Moreover, it is usually lower than they’ve become accustomed to. This is why many 55+ communities are located in cities and states with low tax structures. If you’re from a high tax state like Illinois or New York, you’ll notice a big difference in your disposable income when you move to a tax friendly state.
  5. You never have to cut the grass again. Good 55+ communities are designed with aging in mind. Thus they provide services (sometimes at an additional fee) such as lawn mowing and home maintenance for their residents.
  6. You can design your dream home. Many 55+ communities are new developments, and offer you the opportunity to design your home just how you’ve always wanted it. You can choose a floor plan, kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures or even design it completely from scratch.
  7. You will be close to medical facilities. The developers of 55+ communities understand that most people buy retirement homes to settle for the rest of their lives. It’s a hard reality of life that as we get older, we typically have more medical concerns. Good retirement communities are located with this in mind.
  8. Your grandchildren can visit anytime. Unlike adult communities that aren’t kid friendly, 55+ communities understand that their residents have families. Most welcome your kids and grandchildren to visit anytime. Moreover, your grandchildren might make friends with the grandchildren next door.
  9. You can still work. 55+ communities are not specifically retirement communities. Many of their residents still work, or volunteer. Think of these communities as places to live where you are surrounded by people with which you share common interests.
  10. Facilities are easily accessible. Active retirement communities are designed for their residents to age gracefully. So if you are disabled, or just aren’t as good at climbing stairs as you used to be, you can count on the fact that you will not be mobility challenged.

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