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Last minute holiday gift ideas made easy

Do you still have last minute Christmas shopping to do? If so, you’re definitely not alone. The good news is there is still time! However, if you’re buying gifts that need to be shipped, you need to act quickly. Note that today, December 21st, is the last day that you can mail something by Priority Mail Service from the USPS and have it delivered by Christmas. If you don’t mind paying the extra money, you have until December 23rd to mail it by Priority Express Service and have it delivered by Christmas.

Alternatively, if you’re pressed for time (or don’t want to brave the holiday crowds), you can buy presents online. Many sites offer free or discounted shipping. This is the perfect option if you’re buying gifts for people that live out of town. If you need something to wrap and put under the tree, it’s still a good option. We’ve made it easy for you . . . below you’ll find our favorite gift ideas, a link to the site where you can buy them, and a suggestion for something you can wrap and put under the tree to represent the gift (make sure you print the confirmation page, or a photo from the website, to include with the token gift so people know the details).

All of the ideas below are still available. All but one guarantee delivery if you order by 4:00 pm EST today, some even guarantee delivery if you order as late as December 23rd.

Gifts for men

  1. Monthly bespoke gift box(es): Bespoke Post delivers gift boxes each month. Each box is a limited-edition, themed collection of men’s lifestyle gear from up-and-coming brands. You can chose from the following categories: food, drink, style or grooming. Each box is $45 and shipping is free if you order more than one. Wrapping Idea: For cigar lovers, you can purchase the Churchill Box. Go to the local store, by a single cigar, wrap it and put under the tree with your order confirmation.
  2. Portable camp stove that charges your phone: Cool Material has a product that is ideal for men that like to camp, or just like cool gadgets and fires (and what man doesn’t?). ‘The BioLite CampStove is the best thing to happen to fire since fire itself. The CampStove uses no fuel. None. Pop out the aluminum legs and fill the compartment with biomass (twigs, basically) and, through some combination of science and sorcery, it maximizes fire efficiency AND charges your iPhone or other USB device.’ Bonus- if you buy today they are still guaranteeing physical delivery by Christmas Eve.
  3. NASCAR Racing Experience: What man doesn’t want to ride in a NASCAR? You can chose from a number of different experiences (ride along or actually driving the car yourself) at all the major NASCAR tracks around the country. The prices are much more affordable than one would expect. And, they’re still offering their Cyber Monday 50% off special until noon EST today!  Wrapping idea: Purchase a toy Matchbox or Hot Wheels car. Wrap it and put under the tree with your order confirmation.

Gifts for women

  1. Monthly beauty boxes: Birchbox offers monthly shipments of five personalized beauty samples.  They are available in 3, 6, and 12 month options and shipping is free. Plus, they’re offering a special that if you spend $50+ on gift subscriptions, you get four deluxe beauty samples for yourself! What more could you want? Enter the code WGIFT at checkout for your free gift. Wrapping idea: Purchase a sparkling holiday lip gloss. Wrap it and put under the tree with your order confirmation.
  2. Spa service: We don’t know a woman in the world that doesn’t enjoy a massage, mani/pedi or facial. You can buy a Spafinder gift card & book appointments online for over 20,000 locations around the world. Wrapping idea: You can order online and print your gift card when you order. Buy a bottle of holiday nail polish, wrap it and the gift certificate and put under the tree.
  3. Monthly flowers: Every woman loves flowers. The problem is that they only last a few days. With a flower of the month club, you can give a gift of flowers each month so throughout the year she is thinking of you. We like Calyx Flowers because aside from the typical bouquets, you can chose a year of orchids, roses, lilies, plants, bonsai, seasonal flowers or even candles. Wrapping idea: As long as you order by 4:00 pm EST on December 23rd, your recipient is guaranteed to receive a beautiful card, with a personal message from you, by December 24th.


  1. Food and fruit baskets: Harry & David has been delivering holiday food baskets for decades. They’re known for their fruit (especially their pears), but also have savory food and amazing chocolates. Bonus- if you buy today they are still guaranteeing physical delivery by Christmas.
  2. Beer of the Month Club: there are many of these out there, but our favorite is The Rare Beer Club, founded by The Wall Street Journal’s leading beer critic. The bottles are bigger (750 ml- the size of a wine bottle), the beers more unique and each comes with tasting notes. Lazy shoppers bonus: they’re running a Holiday Sale through December 28th. Wrapping idea: Purchase a fancy beer mug. Wrap it and put under the tree with your order confirmation.
  3. Gin Calendar: The Ginvent Calendar offers 24 different 3cl samples of gin. Samples include those from market leaders as well as craft treats and new brands- there’s even a seaweed gin! You can also buy calendars of whiskey, tequila, rum, cognac and, our favorite, botanical gins. Or you can create your own. They also offer gift certificates which never expire and earn 5% interest per year. Wrapping idea: Purchase an airplane bottle of a premium gin like Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire. Wrap it and put under the tree with your order confirmation.
  4. Hand written recipe scanned and engraved onto a cutting board: This is available from Etsy and has been featured in Real Simple and Country Living magazines. You take a hand written recipe, scan it and they laser engrave it on a hand chosen bamboo cutting board. It makes a great gift, and if you don’t use it, it can be passed down through the generations. Wrapping idea: Make the recipe for your loved one, wrap it and put it under the tree with your order confirmation.
  5. Cookbook: How to Repair Food has become a go-to to help cooks when things go wrong (as they invariably do) in the kitchen. First published in 1970, it has the answers and advice anyone needs to get their meals back on track. Great for both beginning and experienced cooks. Bonus- if you order by December 22nd, Amazon will gift wrap and ensure physical delivery by Christmas Eve.


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