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10 amazing things about 55+ communities

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Retirement isn’t what it used to be. More and more people are making the decision to either retire early, or start a new career that allows them to focus on their loved ones and activities they enjoy. Early retirement isn’t a final stop, but a lifestyle change. If this idea resonates with you, we recommend that you consider a 55+ Community. There are communities that are partially, or fully, restricted to people aged 55 and older. They have many advantages- here are our ten favorite:

  1. They are filled with like-minded people- you can easily meet people of your age and background that share your interests. If you’re single, you might even meet a life companion.
  2. They are quiet- no teenagers riding motorcycles and throwing loud parties
  3. You can design your dream home- since the 55+ community is a new concept, most of them are in new developments. This allows you to build your dream home at an affordable price point.
  4.  Many are located in tax-advantaged areas- property developers are smart! They understand that when you retire, your income will derive from different sources, and may even be fixed. They locate properties in areas with low taxes that favor retirees.
  5. They are typically filled with amenities- most provide easy access to sports such as golf, hiking and boating. Many have pools and clubhouses. Some of our favorites are located in places that are centrally located so you can take amazing weekend trips.
  6. Most provide easy options for lawn maintenance-the last thing you may want to do is spend hours maintaining your yard. Most communities provide for lawn maintenance, but still have large lots where you can still enjoy an outdoor grilling session or cultivate an herb garden.
  7. Most have houses with easy access for physically challenged– perfect for when your parents visit or if you have personal medical challenges.
  8. They are typically more secure- many are located in rural environments, and are much safer than your existing urban home. Many 55+ communities are even gated.
  9. You will enjoy good weather- developers understand that many people, when they focus on lifestyle, want a place with good weather. So they locate 55+ communities in places where you can hike, play golf or even swim year round.
  10. You can use them as a weekend house before you retire-many people purchase a home in a 55+ community years before they retire. Not only is it an excellent investment, but you can use it as a weekend home, or summer getaway, when you need to escape the stress of your career and social obligations.

Remember: 55+ communities aren’t your final stop, they’re your next stop!

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